The Many Types of InstaBio

Explanation link types of InstaBio

Managing Your Links

Manage your links with easily accessible link actions

How to edit BioLink?

Learn how to how to edit BioLink

How to edit Page link?

Learn how to how to edit Page link

How to edit Profile link?

Learn how to how to edit Profile link

How to edit LiteSite link?

Learn how to how to edit LiteSite link

How to add icon to my button link

Add icon to button link is a great way to capture attention of your page viewers.

How can I change the order of link buttons?

Learn how to change the order of link buttons

Background Image

Background switching only support Page and Profile these two types of links

How to change the theme of your link

If you would like to use a different theme, you can select new theme on theme editor page.

Can I change short code after publishing my link?

Learn how to change change the short code

Custom subdomain and edit link URL

How to create a subdomain and edit link URL

How can I upgrade to Premium?

Upgrade basic to Premium or change plan from Pro to Premium

How do I delete my InstaBio account?

If you're no longer interested in having a InstaBio account, we offer the ability to remove it.

InstaBio Link Insights Explained

Detailed explanation of the Insights page.

When I click my link on Instagram it says it isn't available

Find out why you may be receiving a "Sorry, this page isn't available" error from Instagram

Google Analytics Integration

Add Google Analytics to any link to harness the power of GA within your traffic.

SEO Settings

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the search engine ranking for your link and help your customers and fans find you.

Google Analytics URL builder

You can easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.